Gülçin Tunalı

After studying Sociology at Boğaziçi University, Gülçin Tunalı completed her MA in History department at the same university in 2002 on the daily concerns of an Ottoman astrologer, Sadullah al- Ankaravi (d. 1855). The hidden motive was the fact that she was impressed by the very “self narrative” colour of his notes on the margins of Calendars and Horoscopes prepared by Sadullah Efendi himself. Gülçin’s amazement changed its direction to the History of Ancient Athens narrated by the mufti of Athens- Mahmud Efendi- in the beginning of 18th century. How he “read” Ancient Athens was her main problem in her dissertation thesis that was completed in 2012. She has contributed on the intellectual history of the Ottomans with several articles and in 2020 her book, Bir Osmanlı Müftüsünün Gözünden Atina Tarihi was published by Vakıfbank Kültür Yayınları. Author of fiction books for kids, she has three children.