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A. Editorial

Working on the Ottoman perceptions of nature: assessment of a research project (Marinos Sariyannis) 

B. Papers

Mehmed II’s copy of the apocalyptic Book of Daniel (Ms. Ayasofya 3367) and the limits of interpretation (W. Sasson Chahanovich) 

Probing hidden knowledge through divine inspiration: charismatic authority and occult sciences in 17th and 18th-century Ottoman conservative theology (Nikola Pantić) 

C. Research Reports

Dossier: Knowing and controlling nature in Ottoman culture 

Stars, djinns, and the air: reconciling natural and supernatural in explaining diseases in the Ottoman healing domain in the 1660s (Tunahan Durmaz)

Political advice and ethics in an occult framework: Alai Muhibbi Şirazi’s Düstûru’l-vüzerâ as an example of 16th century Ottoman lettrism (Dimitris Giagtzoglou)

Between practice and allegory:  Ottoman perception of alchemy (Feza Günergun)

Picturing the New World marvels: Ottoman paintings of flora and fauna and political discourse in the Tarīḫ-i Hind-i ġarbī (1583/4) (Günseli Gürel)

L’harmonie des affaires d’Orient et d’Occident. Un aperçu sur la cosmovision ottomane et la théorie musicale du XVe siècle (Güneş Işıksel)

Navigating the currents: exploring the esoteric threads in the Greek Orthodox Church of the 15th to 18th centuries (Markos Litinas)

Cosmic histories: chronology as a basis for Ottoman astrology (Maryam Patton)

The Ottoman Hermes: notes on the reception of the Hermetic tradition in Ottoman scholarship (Marinos Sariyannis)

D. Sources

Examples of translated materials for the study of Ottoman occultism IV (tr. Marinos Sariyannis – Aslı Niyazioğlu)